This funny clip from Keeping Current Matters (KCM) blog is an accurate illustration about how EVERYONE has something to say about real estate…Luckily, right now there is a good chance that a lot of what you hear will be fairly accurate. With the increase in information sources on the internet, consumers can get some idea about home values and the current market.

But, even with all that information at our fingertips, its important to remember the value of word of mouth, or the recommendations from people we trust, can be the most influential information source. If you are lucky enough to have a LOCAL Real Estate Professional in your peer group you should be getting all the good info. If you are listening to “Uncle Frank” you might not be…

I had young buyers out recently and the 8th house we saw over the course of two evenings met ALL of their needs/wants criteria. Based on recent comparable sales I felt it was well priced. In fact, it was UNDER priced and was probably going to result in a bidding war. We discussed making an offer and they told me this..

                                                  “Well, our neighbors Uncle Frank was a realtor in Essex County in the ’70s and he said in this market we should offer at least 50k off any asking price…”

REALLY??! Part of me wants to punch Uncle Frank in the face…

... but I digress…I told them as their agent I would be willing to present any offer they put in writing but I would strongly advise them to go full price.  They listened to Uncle Frank and our offer got rejected. After showing them more houses over the next week or two (that they consistently compared to #8) they wanted to go back to the that 8th house. Too bad it was already UNDER CONTRACT. I HATE when my buyers learn lessons the hard way!

Good news is we did eventually find them a house that met most of their needs and made them happy to call home.



During a recent weekly sales meeting my broker asked us all how we would answer this  question that we all get…

“so is the real estate market recovering?”

One of the braver agents in the office spoke up and gave a really great, well thought out response, that, yes, based on current data from our local MLS showing an increase in closed and pending sales year over year, the market is definitely coming out of the slump.

Graphic for pending sales

Graphic from KCM Blog for pending sales


This graphic from a recent  KCM (Keeping Current Matters) blog illustrates that nicely–but I much prefer the way another agent in my office puts it when asked if we are in recovery–


His enthusiasm is infectious…I have been really lucky that, even though I began my career in real estate just as the market began to tank, my business has always been fairly steady.  I have noticed some slight changes, however,  recently that would confirm the market rebound…

–I was showing houses in Ocean Grove  last week and some strange things happened… Ocean Grove, for whatever reason, is the kind of town where realtors prefer you pick up the keys to show a property (even a VACANT ONE!) rather than have a lock box on the home. At each office I stopped at, I either had to wait for keys to be returned,  or I had to rush to get the keys back so another agent could show the property. My buyers and I walked the town from house to house (its that kind of town-so cute and lots to see) and we saw the same other realtors with their buyers out looking–tons of them!!  When we went to make an offer on a home at the end of the day (that had been available when we started earlier) there was already an offer on it!

–When calling to prepare for some showings in the Adult Community of Holiday City over the weekend, of the 15 homes under 80k (there are currently 18 homes on market under 80k) I had planned to show only TWO had no offers on them yet…

–I actually got  the chance to say “you should really consider making an offer on this house today” recently when showing a very well priced new listing. My buyers didn’t listen, wanted to see more houses, and when they realized that earlier home was the house for them it was TOO LATE—multiple offers!!

Sooo what would my answer be? “HELL YEAH, WE ARE RECOVERING!”  🙂



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